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A Royal Engagement
Fanfic Information
Author Vampdiva18
Genre Romance, Drama
Rating T
Pairing(s) Gunther/CeCe, Deuce/Rocky, Ty/Tinka
Written August 15, 2012
Updated November 6, 2012
No. of Chapters 13
Status In-progress
Link [1]
Fic Chronology
A Royal Engagement

Plot Summary

Princess diaries, CeCe find out she's a princess and has to marry Gunther,the prince of Sweden. Only problem is they don't away get along. Will this engagement work?Deuce breaks up with Rocky because she's going away for college. what happens when Deuce find out Rocky met another guy in Sweden? Ty like Tinka and wants to be with her. But what happens when Tinka ex gets in the way?

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