• Arielarouramermaid
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  • HeartOfGold143

    So Guys Here's The Deal:

    If CeCe and Gunther DO Get Together *fingers crossed* How Will They?

    I Have An Idea:

    CeCe Goes To A Fortune Teller And She Says Tonight She Will Dream About The Guy She Is Meant To Be With, Then Tomorrow They Will Hug, And Next Week He Will Come Into Her Apartment, And When They Sit Down Together They Will Kiss, And Sparks Will Fly.

    That Night CeCe Dreams About Gunther.

    The Next Day CeCe And Gunther Finally Finished The Dance That Gary Told Them To Do, They Do Their Handshake And Hug.

    The Next Week They Sit Down On CeCe's Couch, They Kiss, And Then At The Back Of Her Apartment, Out The Window, Sparks And Fireworks Shoot Out Of The Sky.

    What Do You Think??? Obvz There's Gonna Be Reuce And Tynka Moments Too, But I'm Still T…

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  • Kee-Lock

    I lost my CeCe! T-T

    September 16, 2012 by Kee-Lock

    I run the iamgunther, Gunther roleplay on tumblr. I just found out this morning that CeCe quit. I know she was having some trouble after the whole other CeCe and Deuce thing, but I thought they sorted that out. I had so much fun with her on tumblr. When I joined tumblr she was my first roleplay partner. She was so in character and so much fun to roleplay with. But now she's gone........... I don't know if I even want to keep roleplaying at this point. It won't be have the same fun without her. I still have Tinka, Ty, and Rocky, but CeCe was special. Not just because we shipped the same ship. It was just way fun having her around. I just feel really, really bad about it. I want talkto-CeCe back. :(

    Just to be clear, I'm not dissing the other…

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  • GeCe&TynkaItUp7

    After watching Surprise It Up I think Gunther showed a few more signs that he may like CeCe since

    1) He didn't ask anyone else to go with him to his mailman's funeral since he claimed that Tinka was out of town and the people he liked couldn't go.

    2) He looked like he was trying to be smooth but he accidentally broke CeCe's phone and he said he felt terrible and offered to get it fixed for her.

    3) He felt disappointed that he didn't get invited to CeCe's birthday party but later he gets invited by Rocky and wishes CeCe a happy birthday.

    What do you guys think?

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  • GeCe&TynkaItUp7

    So we all now that SIU will have a 3rd season and I've heard that there will be a shocker for CeCe. Apparently it's something that no one would expect. What could it be?

    And I, for one am disappointed that Gunther will no longer be a main character. I still hope though that there's a chance for him and CeCe to get together.

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  • Beckward

    GeCe Geography

    June 16, 2012 by Beckward

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that it might be fun to have a GeCe Geography page or even a blog where it could act as a sort of guestbook and visitors to the wiki can put their location on the page. Not like address or city, just country, state, or province. Kind of like this (I just put some of the places I know GeCe fans are from):

    • California

    Since this is like a 'fandom' wiki, I thought it might be something fun to help bring the fandom together. :)

    Let me know what you think!

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  • IloveDxC


    May 18, 2012 by IloveDxC

    I need help! I want 2 write a GeCe fanfiction on but I've got writer's block.

    I could either do Gunther's pov or CeCe's pov. It could b based on an episode, or an episode that doesn't even exist. I also want 2 add Tynka and Reuce cause I love those 2 ships as well. Thanks.

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