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Episode Information
Season 2
Episode number 29
Airdate August 22 2012
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Episode Chronology
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"Shake It Up Made In Japan" "Glam It up"


Cece realises she needs a boyfriend so goes speed dating. There she meets a hot male model named Carl and they start to date. But Carl is secretly cheating on Cece with a girl who goes to their school, Olivia Harding. One day she sees Carl kissing Olivia by the lockers and runs off in tears. Gunther then comforts her and Cece realises he isn't such a freak. Gunther says: "He didn't deserve a girl as great as you" then kisses her. Afterwards they begin to date Meanwhile Ty and Rocky get competitive as they compete for captain of the mixed baseball team.


Guest stars:Edit

Drew Roy as Carl James

Hailee Steinfeld as Olivia Harding


Caroline Sunshine as Tinka

David Cleveland as Flynn

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