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Color: Orange[]

A sweet combination between Gunther's dirty blonde hair together with CeCe's fiery red hair.

Food: Cookies[]

Gunther gives CeCe a cookie.

Gunther wanted to bring CeCe a cookie in Hot Mess It Up. He also gave her the nickname, "Little Cookie".

Gunther: I'll be right back. I'm going to get my "little cookie" a little cookie.

GeCe Animal

Animal: Black leopard[]

The combination between Gunther's cat, the panther and CeCe's, chosen by Gunther for her which CeCe gladly agrees to, the snow leopard.

Day: March 20[]

Hot Mess It Up

The day when Hot Mess It Up first aired on the Disney Channel, being the episode where they dated.


GeCe Songs: Volume 1

GeCe Songs: Volume 2

Official Fans Name: GeCeBaybees[]

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Gunther called CeCe "baybee" a couple of times in the show, which is the same for CeCe. She has called him "baybee" once in the episode "Hot Mess It Up".

Number: Eleven[]

There are altogether 11 letters in Gunther and CeCe's first names and 1+1=2, relating to Gunther and CeCe both being part of a duo. Also, there are 11 letters in "GeCeBaybees".