Gunther and CeCe Wiki

These are words that describe or relate to GeCe.


  • Amazing: CeCe said Gunther was an amazing dancer.
  • Animal print: Both of them like to wear clothes with animal print.
  • As good as your partner: When Gunther and CeCe were dancing, CeCe said he was amazing, and he said "Well, you can only be as good as your partner"
  • Auction It Up: The episode Gunther and CeCe held hands.


  • Bangs: Gunther always teases CeCe about her bangs.
  • Baybee: This is Gunther's expression. He usually calls CeCe with this name. CeCe also called Gunther "Baybee" in the episode ("Hot Mess It Up").
  • Bicker: They bicker back and forth all the time.
  • Black leopard: GeCe's official animal. This animal is the combination between Gunther's inner cat, the panther and CeCe's inner cat, chosen by Gunther for which CeCe gladly agrees to, the snow leopard.
  • Bring the Fire: They danced to this song together. ("Split It Up")


  • CC: The initials that Gunther sewed into the dress he made for CeCe.
  • Chips: Gunther tried to feed CeCe a chip. ("Reality Check It Up")
  • Cookie: In Hot Mess It Up, Gunther went to buy CeCe a cookie. He also called her his "Little Cookie." This is GeCe's official food.
  • Crush: Gunther thought that CeCe has a crush on him. ("Reality Check It Up")


  • Dance partners: They were once paired up as dance partners. ("Split It Up")
  • Darling: Gunther called CeCe "darling" at the dance. ("Hot Mess It Up")
  • Denial: CeCe may or may not be in denial about her feelings for Gunther.
  • Dingaloo: This is what CeCe called Gunther in Model It Up when they were talking about him being a model on the Home Sheeping Network in the old country.


  • Emails: Gunther reads CeCe's emails ("Model It Up").


  • Feelings CeCe and Gunther may or may not have feelings for each other.
  • Flirt: Gunther has flirted with CeCe.
  • Frenemies: The type of relationship they have.
  • Funeral: Gunther invited CeCe to a funeral. ("Surprise It Up")
  • Future Mrs. Hessenheffer: Gunther called CeCe the future Mrs. Hessenheffer. ("Hot Mess It Up")


  • GeCe: The portmanteau of G/unther Hessenheffer and C/eCe Jones.
  • GeCeBaybees: The official name for GeCe fans.
  • Good Morning Chicago: They were chosen by Gary Wilde to perform on this morning show together. ("Split It Up")
  • Gufenhoogan: Gunther comes up to CeCe and sings a song to her with his ukelele about Gufenhoogans and CeCe replies that she will stuff the jar in Gunther's gufenhoogan if he doesn't stop singing. ("Shake It Up, Up & Away")


  • Hands: Gunther and CeCe have been shown to touch/hold hands numerous times ("Hot Mess It Up", "Auction It Up", "Split It Up"). Furthermore, Gunther puts his arm around CeCe. ("Reality Check It Up").
  • Handshake: They have a handshake in "Split It Up".
  • Hard To Get: Gunther told CeCe that he loves it when she plays hard to get. ("Reality Check It Up")
  • Hot Mess It Up: GeCe's official episode.



  • John Hughes High School: The high school they both attend.


  • Kella: The portmanteau for the real-life friendship of the actors that portray GeCe, Ke/nton Duty and Be/lla Thorne.
  • Knife: Both have talked about knives.


  • Little CeCe: CeCe hastily used a plain sock to make a Little CeCe puppet to ask Gunther to the dance.
  • Little Cookie: In "Hot Mess It Up", Gunther called CeCe his "Little Cookie".
  • Little Gunther: Gunther used his sock puppet to converse with CeCe and tell her he was having a great time at the dance.
  • Loony-nutty: Both Gunther and CeCe have said this. ("Start It Up")
  • Love and Romance: This segment on True Teen Life concentrated on CeCe having a crush on Gunther.


  • Mailman: Gunther invited CeCe to the funeral of his mailman. ("Surprise It Up")
  • March 20: Known as "GeCe Day", the day that "Hot Mess It Up" debuted on the Disney Channel.
  • Mimicks: CeCe mimicks Gunther a lot and Gunther mimicks CeCe a lot.
  • Miss Nancy's Fancy Dance Academy: This was CeCe's first dance school, where Gunther was also a student. Also, this school was mentioned in an episode where Gunther and CeCe held hands "Auction It Up"
  • Model: CeCe and Gunther both have modelling experience, and Gunther has been CeCe's modelling coach.



  • Orange: GeCe's color, a mix of Gunther's blonde hair and CeCe's red hair.


  • Party: Gunther was sad because he wasn't invited to CeCe's birthday party. ("Surprise It Up")
  • Phone: Gunther breaks CeCe's phone and he offers to pay for it. ("Surprise It Up")
  • Purple: The color of the matching outfits that Gunther made for himself and CeCe for the school dance.


  • Quarrel: They often have quarrels over different things.


  • Reality Check It Up: An episode where a national TV show claims that CeCe has a crush on Gunther.


  • Self-centered: They are both self-centered.
  • Shake It Up, Chicago!: The dance program where both CeCe and Gunther dance.
  • Showmance: In two episodes, Gunther and CeCe have been referred to as in a 'showmance'. ("Hot Mess It Up" & "Reality Check It Up")
  • Sidekicks: Both Gunther and CeCe can be perceived as sidekicks to Tinka and Rocky, respectively.
  • Slow dance: Gunther and CeCe were slow dancing at the school dance.
  • Split It Up: The episode where they were picked to dance on Good Morning Chicago together.
  • Stripes: Gunther and CeCe often wear stripes, and they were once wearing stripes (and a vest) in the same episode ("Auction It Up").
  • Surprise It Up: The episode where Gunther invites CeCe to his mailman's funeral.



  • Ukulele: Gunther sings with an ukulele to CeCe ("Shake It Up, Up & Away").





  • Yellow: The official GTR colour.


  • Zebra: Gunther and CeCe both wear a lot of Zebra-print clothing, sometimes matching. ("Auction It Up")