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Glam It Up
Episode Information
Season 4
Episode number 1
Airdate November 11, 2012
Written by Mixitup21
Prod. code 301
Episode Chronology
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"Shake it Up Made In Japan" "Grade It Up"

Glam It Up is a fan-made episode of Shake It Up.


After a show, Gary Wilde tells the Shake It Up, Chicago! dancers to get into pairs and spend the week coming up with a routine to perform for the next show. The viewers will call in to vote and the winning pair gets the next Spotlight Dance, and will have a chance to be back-up dancers for singer, Christina Sloane's, Chicago concert. During rehearsals, arguments arise between CeCe and Rocky, and Gunther and Tinka, and they switch alliances; Rocky and Tinka vs. CeCe and Gunther. Meanwhile, Deuce and Ty are in charge of Crusty's while also taking care of Uncle Frank, who is sick with a fever.



Main CastEdit


  • R. Brandon Johnson as Gary Wilde
  • Jim Pirri as Uncle Frank


  • Selena Gomez as Christina Sloane
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