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Just A Smile
Fanfic Information
Author Beckward
Genre Romance, Humor
Rating K+
Pairing(s) Gunther/CeCe
Written June 27, 2012
Updated June 27, 2012
No. of Chapters 1
Status Finished
Link [1]
Fic Chronology
Just A Smile

Plot Summary

It was just a smile. It didn't mean anything really. Or did it? CeCe Jones may be in denial about her feelings, but will that stop her from falling in love? Oneshot.

Author's NoteEdit

This was inspired by CeCe's behaviors around Gunther, the episode "Reality Check It Up", and Rocky's statement in "Parent Trap It Up" that CeCe and Flynn don't understand a thing about romance. I wrote this very quickly (in about 15 minutes) when I had some time and a laptop so it's not the best piece of writing I've ever done, but it seemed good enough to post. If it sounds rushed, that's because it was. Hope you all enjoy it!

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