Gunther and CeCe Wiki


Kenton about Bella[]

  • "Bella is just bubbly excitement, doesn’t matter if you’re a stranger or not, she just loves being around people and loves to be kind to them. She is just a great person"

Bella about Kenton[]

  • "Kenton is so funny and we both work really hard for dancing. We both weren't dancers before the show and Caroline and Zendaya have been dancing since they were really little. We were the only ones who came on with no dance experience, so we've always work together really hard and when everybody isn't practicing we still go over the moves. So I appreciate him working so hard on everything."
  • "I've always known Kenton. I've known him since I've moved out here. He and I are really close. And Adam and I are also really close. (Q: Did you know any of your co-stars before you got the show?) Yes, I knew Kenton Duty. He plays Gunther. He plays my arch-rival, and we're just so close. The show helped us get closer into the relationship we have today. I just love him so much."


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