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Cece starts to get annoyed when everyone starts dating so decides to join a dating site under the name Cara Avalon, a aspiring dancer with model looks. She sets her profile photo as a picture of her photoshopped to make her look blonde. Whilst scanning the site for hot guys she comes across Gunther and begins talking to him, trying to mess with his head. However she soon begins to like Gunther as she comes to know him better and soon is madly in love. One time she leaves her computer open on her and Gunther's chat page and Rocky sees. She demands Cece tell Gunther that Cara doesn't exist but Cece won't. They get in a fight and Rocky asks why she won't just tell Gunther. Cece stays silent but then as Rocky's leaving shouts: "Because I think I might love him!" then bursts into tears. Rocky comforts her and then tells Cece she should tell Gunther and see if he likes her back. The next day at rehersals Rocky locks Cece in a closet with Gunther so she's forced to admit she's Cara. Gunther is confused and hurt that Cece would do that. He says he really thought he had found someone. Cece says that she started off doing it just to play around with him but then she fell for him. She starts to apologise but Gunther cuts her off with a kiss. All the while Rocky's watching with a smile. Afterwards Cece and Gunther start dating. At the same time Ty and Duece take up fencing.



David Cleveland as Flynn

The siteEdit

Oharmony is a parody of Eharmony. Cara's profile picture is:

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