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Matchmake It Up
Episode Information
Season 3
Episode number 10
Airdate 2 January 2012
Written by Shake it up 120
Prod. code 310-311
Episode Chronology
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" True Love it up" "Sneak It Up"

Cece Hates Being Single So She Takes A Matchmaking Test online And Gets Matched Up With Gunther And Freaks Out, Meanwhile Ty Audtions For Shake It Up Chicago And Gets in.

Flynn and Deuce Are Watching A Boy Meets World Marathon And Deuce Thinks the Feeney Call is annoying And Flynn pranks Him, Cece And Gunther Start Dating At The End of The Episode. Tinka and Rocky Can't Figure Out where Gunther and Cece Went and Flynn Can't Wait For the My Babysitter's a Vampire Marathon. Gunther

And Cece Escaped To A Hotel in Chicago With Gary Willd For The Weekend

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